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Find great deals on eBay for sony xperia m phone and sony xperia m case. Shop with confidence. Find great deals on eBay for sony xperia m phone case and samsung galaxy tab 3 7 case. Shop with confidence. Find great deals on eBay for xperia phone cases and sony xperia cases. Shop with confidence.


Get a daily email with the latest ads in your areas of interest. Just confirmed that is correct. Please let me know what they say. Do not waste your tims and money on ebay. EBay can do better than this. I suppose it would have been about the same to send it back at my expense. Received my green Sony Z5 this morning.
Find great deals on eBay for sony xperia m phone and sony xperia m case. Shop with confidence. Find great deals on eBay for sony xperia m phone case and samsung galaxy tab 3 7 case. Shop with confidence. Find great deals on eBay for xperia phone cases and sony xperia cases. Shop with confidence.

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Find great deals on eBay for sony xperia m phone case and samsung galaxy tab 3 7 case. Shop with confidence.
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Contact eBay Customer Service. Find eBay Customer Support, Phone Number, Email Address, Customer Care Returns Fax, Number, Chat and eBay .
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It is that time of the year again, where we have a major Android release and people want to update as soon as possible. We have received numerous requests from Xperia.
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Find great deals on eBay for sony xperia m phone and sony xperia m case. Shop with confidence.
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It supposed to reach till 14th february still i dont get the sopas. I knew I should've sprung earlier. Neither Dick Smith or Move? Personally, I pay no attention to marketing etc. Where are you from? Usually the Taiwan model comes with the noise canceling, but this time around got these cheapies:.

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The whole process is pretty easy! Any one with the minimum knowledge in Android flashing will do it in the first try. Oh XB why you do dis? Impossible to build an ftf file from an OTA update. If possible, it will be like a custom ROM.

We are all waiting! Common concerns from the citizens: What are the best CDF-s that are always among the first to get the updates? How do I exit from part 1. In fact, if the FTF has root added, you can use Flashtool as the quick and easy way to get root.

I figured this out on my own. Is it really that difficult to make a cup of coffee and google for 10 minutes? As a side note, I recommend everyone to do a clean install unless you want your device to be plagued with bluetooth, fingerprint and radio-activity bugs.

Any bugs after that can be blamed on the system rather than your own laziness. In answer to your questions: Just recently we flashed Marshmallow to another device without doing a clean install. However, we were then plagued with an issue with the Google Play Store force closing.

In the end, a clean install was required to fix the issue, which highlights one of the many potential issues you may get when flashing a new Android version without wiping clean. Does the phone need to be fully charged before you begin?

Just thinking if the phone dies while flashing it, that may corrupt the process. The more battery it has, the better. I live in Greece and I wonder which is the best way to debrand it.

I guess you have model E You can generally use any firmware under the E list. I live in Israel and use the Customized US firmware. The significant difference between these regional firmware is the APN-List file.

It has APN entries of mobile virtual network operators including virtual operators in your country. As its locked to the Vodafone network I belive. The issues with Google play force closing are usually fixed uninstalling the Google play and Google play services updates and download the updates again.

Cleaning their data on top of that also helps. More right Here o! My Sony Xperia Z5 is purchased through an network operator, device is simfree, and use generic firmware. How long does this whole process take?

My phone Z5 has been hooked up for hours now. I created the FTF file, powered down, started the flashing process and hooked it up again as described. Flashtool starts flashing — Processing loader -checking header — Flashing Data — Loader: Androxyde acknowledged this himself on XDA and said a future release will be compatible with them….

More right Here oi! We agree, usually that works in most cases. Even rolling back to the factory installed version made no difference. That is natural and depends on how the FTF was created. So you see the green bar to indicate it is flashing but then it just stops and no longer progresses?

The whole process should take no longer than 30 minutes and that is being generous with timing. Actually the green bar went full in a matter of seconds. But I tried it at home on a different Computer. Including DL it took 20 minutes….

I am flashed android 6. Thank you very much Xperia Blog team. Yes that is far, our timeline was only referring to the flashing process not actually downloading the firmware too. Ok, but how install 6. List shows only 5. Followed it step by step.

After all the steps, I ended up installing android 5. Where is my android 6? Where did I go wrong? I have a z4 tablet. Can anyone help me please. No, everything was as it is mentioned the guide. I also checked the list of filmwares to download and found that none of the versions for compact z3 tablet includes version 6.

Did you check yours? How to solve it? If I flash the Generic Australia firmware should I flash the modem. I am afraid of having weaker signal as it has happened before with my Z2 when I went from KitKat to Lollipop.

I am in South Africa, please advise. This particular model is Verizon branded and I was able to complete the above steps to install Is is okay to do that? Is is okay to do this? The z4 tablet has marshmallow, but because Im with docomo, I can not get marshmallow.

I have a question. Relice all steps as explained here, it affects the loading of Android 6. I started with the process and to install and then open flashtool see this error in red, and not on the screen titurial, know where that is?

Getting this message right before the flashing process. Should i proceed or not? My device is Z3 Compact. Ugh, a default one. After flashing I can not repair my phone software using Xperia Companion.

If the problem persists, please contact Sony support. But I have one significant question, how long does the flashing process usually take for a normal period of time. I know that hardware also determines the speed of the installation process, but is it longer than the installation of Windows?

I have Win10, and had a restart, not as was descripted here. I followed the steps paying attention to every minor detail. Now I have the Marshmallow in my compact tablet sgp, with no problems so far. Mrshmlw runs smooth and no bugs till now, 3 hours later.

But in spite of that, this was a very good job. Sport apparel, golf clubs, TVs, video game consoles and more are available from a plethora of resellers. The eBay Daily Deals page features hundreds of low-priced items with free shipping, and discounts often range from 10 percent to 80 percent.

The site also runs regular sales events with discount codes for various departments, and eBay promo codes for free shipping are fairly easy to find as well. Seasonal eBay coupon codes will offer stackable savings on already reduced prices.

Daily Deals The eBay Daily Deals page features hundreds of low-priced items with free shipping, and discounts often range from 10 percent to 80 percent. Plus, the convenience of shopping eBay's Black Friday offers from the comfort of your home is hard to beat.

ET and check back frequently leading up to the big day for more information on the best coupons, offers and specials that eBay has to offer. New categories featured daily and free shipping on hundreds of items.

Plus, you can get free shipping on a lot of these deals.

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The Ebay company has taken away my buyer protection, from those I have bought from, because they tried to cheat me. Buyers are treated sellers pretty well, except there are many scammers, how make bailed threats, when they interpret their purchase with disdain..

My last sale was toa buyer,who called me a liar, blamed me for a crack in the coin holder and weather or not the coin grading company tried to cheat him. I offered a refund and shipping cost, but the buyer is intending to leave a negative feedback.

I say goodbye to a company who has a death wish! I may have made my last eBay purchase. Ih ave tried direct contact for resolutionan d am directed to PayPal. PayPal is of little help. Your website is impossible to get thrpugh ifa problem occurs.

I have learned my lesson: You are right, ebay and most of the sellers in ebay are not doing business. Instead, they are cheating people in a legal form. Let the whole world see their real faces.

We all try to stop them from generating more and more faces. Otherwise they will have more and more clients and customers, which will be turned out to be their victims. Ebay may be the largest, but has decaying customer service, allows known counterfeiters to rip off the public!

Your just a number, was invented by Ebay. I guess stink is a curse in Phillipino? The rigidity of your rules, leaves one with few options. I was forced out of business. No fees discount, penalties for early store closure, about three months fees.

No real customer service, just mirrors, and double talk canned answers to everything. I have canceled an item on eBay. This will probably be the last time I ever shop on eBay. I want my refund ASAP.

I paid with a credit card and I want it back on my credit card. I am sorry to tell you base on my experience when dealing with ebay. You have to prepare for the worst to come. Ebay is not what it use to be they made there web site harder to get around.

They make it hard to find away to get a hold of someone. Ebay treats people differently. It looks down to certain people from certain country. When someone has problem, ebay asks him to key in certain information in its website at the same time purposely disabled the website.

Then ebay says that person is violating the rules and requirement of ebay. But ebay insists that even though it is not working, that person still has to key in the required information as even though the website is not working, it is still valid, as far as ebay is concerned.

It is a real issue, not created story. Who is that guy? Now its tactic is ignore my email and phone call made to Customer Service. I am from Malaysia. What are the information needed to key in? So long as you get this two information, you are able to track the shipment.

Nobody can track the shipment in the website of ebay. You can only track it in the website of Poslaju National Courier, regardless of which website you key in. You can key in these two information in many many websites you like.

But if you really want to track, you still have to go to Poslaju National Courier website and key in the tracking number. Actually this is a return-to-seller transaction. I purchased a jacket which made of polyester as mentioned in the seller advertisement.

It is not the case when I received it. Ebay asked me to send back the item with tracking number. Once the item is moving, the refund would be paid. However the website provided by ebay to key in tracking number and shipping company cannot work.

I tracked the shipping and the seller received it on 12 January I told ebay customer service that with the tracking number, you can go to poslaju website to track the item. No respose from ebay. Wherever I key in the tracking number, you still have to go back to Poslaju National Courier website to track it.

And ebay inform me with 72 hours everything will be ok. But now one week already, the website is still cannot work. Sorry to ask you one question: And ebay is still insisting me to key in their disabled I think this is the correct word website.

Sometimes ebay respond but sometimes it do not. From this case, we can see ebay is totally bias. Ebay said the refund wiil be included the cost of returned but they never ask me how much? So the refund amount is how much?

But it seems that ebay has never trust me and keep on giving me troubles. Please be sincere to solve the problem with the seller. Everybody is trying to reduce loss. But if it is the seller fault, he has to absorb the loss.

If I know in advance that this may happen, I better throw the wool-garment into garbage. At least I can save the cost of return. It costs me RM No tracking for normal post. Just compare 2 amounts, do you think the seller wants to absorb this RM Return and Refund, this is the instruction given by ebay.

The term refund is too general. Once I sent back, somebody for example the seller may claim that this is not a fully refund or just a partial refund. I just simply follow your instruction and send the item back. Why you want to use a tricky term?

Now the seller got the item already, where is the refund for me? I contacted the seller before went to ebay for help. A lot of emails have been sent to this seller with a name of articouture, but no response at all.

Why keep on deleting my comment? Yet you want to do it and scare of letting people know, better go to sleep inside coffin. Than ask somebody to throw the coffin to Pacific Ocean! How does such a large company Not have a way to contact them by email???

And it is Impossible to call them. Very very Horrible terrible customer service…the worst!! What does that say?? I purchased item The product was listed as a Smart TV. The pictures listed were blurry and hard to see with no item number.

I purchased the item on the premise it was a Smart TV only. The person I bought from does not respond to my numerous emails. It was sent Priority from the same state I live in. I have not received it yet. I called earlier and was told I would be called back!!

Just because my son has a account and we have the same address because he lives with me. Call me back like you told me you would. Sold an item on eBay. Weather has been really bad in the NE part of US because of the winter storm so buyer should give enough time for parcel to arrive.

Now eBay is billing me! Tried getting in touch with buyer several times and no response. I have been trying to find a way to send eBay an email so there will be a trace on the communications since there is no help at all for sellers who are scammed.

I try to contact eBay and go through their contact process on eBay but when I FINALLY get to the point of receiving a temporary pass code they do not provide their phone number to call in order to use the pass code.

How pathetic is that!? This is a serious issue that I needed help with and you continue to make it impossible to contact someone for help! I tried several times to pay for an item through PayPal. I finally decided to call them about the problem.

The representative told me PayPal no longer accepts the type of payment I use. After contacting the seller I told him this. He opened an unpaid item case. I know that ebay has telephone support but they need to have an email for customer support also.

I put some thing for sale on EBay now I think some thing is wrong. I do not know if the two are linked or not. I know my item is in your listing but it is not on page of similar items. After hours trying to figure out this mess there is no way to do the linking on my computer or try to find out wear my add went.

If you can not figure out this issue because eBay web is invalid and to hard to navigate I may have to find some other way to sell stuff. Trying to get a hold of you is a joke. I do not want to sit another 20 plus minutes.

My problem and I have several things to discuss will be brought here now. I bought a purse item and returned it with a return slip sent to me on my ebay. I used your slip with the address you put on it and sent it USPS.

I used your prepaid print form. I want to open a case to find out what happened. E-bay used to have a customer service chat feature and customer service e-mail address. The feedback system is extremely flawed in that sellers have no way of knowing how many stars a buyer has given them in feedback.

I am wondering at this point why a seller would bother leaving feedback for a buyer. Sellers are only allowed to leave positive feedback. Recently some jack ass left me less than five stars on ratings for shipping charges and delivery time.

I have no control over shipping charges. Those are set by USPS. I have no control over delivery times — again controlled by the Postal Service. E-bay needs a serious overhaul. Maybe if they cared more about their customers they would get that boost.

I have a purchasing problem with ferryjewelry. I open the case but no respond from the seller. What I have to do now? All 3 of these breaches of security have been given to people who are not EBAY members or who have become members within a few minutes.

Those conditions are in place. EBAY has decided not to follow their own rules thereby jeopardizing the personal security of the individual and possibly putting me in danger. EBAY and its staff is about as effective as Washington, in other words its crap.

The member sent me a nasty e-mail,how the e-may allow to sell this kinf of people in their website. I sent a comment about it but nobody respond me. For the life of me I have never seen such crappy customer service.

I pay these people money to be sent around in loops on their website. I have questions that are not addressed on the site and I need help but to no avail. Honestly I am getting really mad at their lack of care for sellers.

I am giving strong consideration of trying Amazon. I have contacted the seller to let them know I have not received the item. According to FedEx the package was delivered on March 21, however I never received the package. I contacted FedEx who informed me I would have to contact the seller to reship or to refund my money.

I need help in resolving this matter. You will be losing a lot of business and I am one of them. I have given you a lot of money in the past several years but you will no longer keep my business if you are intending on decreasing the amount a person can list to 20 a month.

Thats ridiculous and is no longer worth my effort or time. You are just another large corporation that wants to rape the American public. I gave someone by the name of cade shilling ford to order a Samsung galaxy s4 for me.

The phone was order on the 25th of February and delivered on the 5th of march. According to the seller he would send the unlock code with the phone but he did not. I purchased a automotive part for my business as ebay quest and was never sent a comformation email.

Ebay already profits on the back end with the final value fee. This new policy makes no sense. Seems like ebay stands to lose in the end when there are fewer listings each month, fewer sales and therefore lower final value fees paid to ebay.

In an effort to keep a lot of your longtime, loyal sellers, I sincerely hope you reconsider this new policy. Hi my account has been restricted due to fees owed but i actually have not sold any items successfully in i dont know how long and dont know what i owe them for?

Can you please explain and consider waiving them? I am quite a rookie at it all and would rather just close my account to avoid more issues like this. Do you read or ignore the reviews people have submitted about PayPal? The decision to buy that company was beyond stupid.

If your going to remain blind to this situation it will hurt EBay permanently, and you will have deserved it. We are professional couriers in kuwait. We can do the local delivery inside kuwait. Can i get your kuwait telephone number.

Your website requires JS though there are ways around this but some of your sellers have disabled well, gotten around it anyway the back button, so that I am not supposed to be able to go back to the previous page. I think you should require the scripts to be written so that they cannot keep customers from going back to the previous page.

Or else do not require javascript for your site. I have had the worst luck imaginable trying to get any response from ebay customer service. I am totally exasperated and will not likely deal with Ebay in the future. I am really sick and tired of contacting ebay.

My problem is that of receiving the Daily Deals at My last contact with ebay was today, May 27, at 6: I am still getting the runaround about why I am still not receiving my Daily Deals in the morning, but receiving them at almost midnight every day.

Has anyone else had this problem? I lost an important auction today because of a faulty phone app. The app would not let me put in a max bid and I lost the auction because it would only let me bid in small increments.

I called back again even angrier as I spend a lot of money on this site. I wanted them to rectify the problem or contact the seller and interceded and they would not. They even said there was no problem with the app on the second call.

This is lousy customer service for such a huge company. I am going to the BBB site now to post a complaint! I bought a phone on eBay, but I found out that it was a stolen phone through sprint services. I have written eBay many times and have yet to receive a response.

I ordered something with a Confederate flag on it. I could not make contact with the appropriate person. I am closing down my account of 10 years plus. I want nothing to do with politically correct agendas.

They will not get any more of southern money from this family. Dear sir , i am jaydeep talaviya my trimmer percheas is not dillevery 3 week ago to the perches online and his massege is dellete sir my problem sollution plese requst me sir.

I have been unable to sign in to eBay for weeks and only today found the phone. I connected to a person very quickly, who spoke English: My customer refuses to accept delivery. He was refunded within hours. He continually sent demeaning messages, including one about my tattoo, a memorial of my deceased son, who commited suicide i told him the story; from under what rock do such people crawl.

He said my engineering degree must have been out of a cracker jack box. Actually, I have three degrees including a doctorate from the University of Michigan. Rhetoric like this generally comes from someone uneducated, high school dropout or maybe a GED?

My rating was lowered because he failed to complete the deal. I sold the boat today by putting it in front of my house and it was solld in 30 minutes. He cancelled the deal and he got his money back. There are way too many nuts with guns running around.

EBay has a responsibility to try to control harassment. I finally contacted his local Police Dept. So beware, your buyer does not complete the sale, writes negative feedback on you to prevent a resale, and then continually harrasses you on a personal and inexcusable level.

Shame on you EBay. Oh My God — I cannot believe how long it took me to find a customer service phone number for Ebay. Everything has gone smoothly until now. I have to wait another 7 days. Tried to register for ebay at our new address.

The software would not accept our zip code or zip plus 4 code we know our address and our zip code without s doubt and the ebay form would not accept the information is accurate. If you get your high software fixed you can reach us at the above email.

As I communicated w him. I cannot reach anyone to verify this or see if eBay followed thru. You are directed to one site after another but get no answers. I am trying to contact customer service to make sure im not being scamed.

I got an email from ebay motors about an invoice but no invoice or option to pay. The seller is wanting me to purchace ebay money cards to pay for a purchase that is asumed to be linked to eba.

I tried to call a customer service rep with no luck. I spoke to numerous managers etc. Have not received my order of Elton John Love Songs. My email from e Bay said the delivery would be September 3rd Having difficulty with your website to see the tracking of CD.

I want to appeal eBay customer service center because they give up their promises and reject to answer my question even though I email the center again and again. The reason is that I challenge a customer service representatve, Justin, due to his poor ability and even his poor English.

I can not believe eBay customer service can give up their promises answering in hours just because they want to protect an unqualified representatve. I send emails to ask to contact a senior supervisor but all my emails are hid by eBay customer service.

How terrible the customer service is now! Because the customer service never serve thier customers , but protect themselves and damage eBay. So, I do need one senior supervisor to contact me and I will offer all information to prove the terrible case.

I do expect for an answer sooner. When I opened an ebay account a few weeks ago, I typed in my password and clicked for google to remember it. For some reason I had to create another password. Is it possible for me to talk to a person?

When I viewed my purchases, each open invoice is listed separate. Each with a pay it now button. I wanted to pay one invoice so I clicked on its button. I have now paid invoices waiting for seller cancellation already paid via another invoice , items already cancelled by seller which i have yet to respond to and open invoices, kept open, while still in process of adding items for combined shipping.

I now have a nightmare. I am a longtime buyer. Bought near to orders this year. The horrible things you have done with your apps and your horrible new mobile application has me thinking about buying only from amazon…….

Following conversations with employees I asked for a supervisor in all the process took approximately 2 hours. Unacceptable Poor Customer Service. I cant access anything. I have to contact a seller about an item. I cant use my old use name and password.

I need my old accouints. Why do you have to change everything. I do not know why you are accusing me of selling something fake. You have no idea. I am very upset over this matter. You need to fix your mistake immediately.

I recently started selling on eBay. I have posted and sold a bunch of pairs of jeans I am gradually going through my wardrobe and getting rid of things. I am fine with this, what I am not fine with is that they do not provide us with a dashboard that shows sellers.

I tried to talk to customer service rep about a comlaint about a return. He would not listen to me and said it was a done deal and there was nothing I could do. When I asked to talk to his superior he said it was no good that they would just say the same thing.

Postage was suppose to be free. The new way of printing Shipping labels sucks!!! Please go back to what it was a week ago. I was attempting to buy a rv, The seller says you at Ebay sent me as invoice. Then she tells me that.

She also told me then I must call a number with card id on back. I convinced this is scam. Please let me know. It for a Jayco BH. What is wrong with this picture? I started buying on eBay very recently and have already had to deal with Fake items and Scams!

However I read all the customer service information and opened resolution request. They do not easily let you find the customer service phone number — had to google it — but once I called the number, on a Saturday afternoon, I did get to speak to a representative in like a minute.

She explained how to handle my issue, so I am satisfied at this point, have to wait 6 days. Hi Ebay I am having no luck contacting Dillon 1 about 2 packs of refurbished ink cartridges. He has received them on monday. Now he needs to put the cost back on my credit card.

Thank You Deb Wunder. Stupid people should be blocked from ordering from eBay. Or he can just be a lazy A-hole and eBay has horrible service or should I say Non-service. This is simply outrageous.

That is no way to treat a customer. I was told I would be refunded a fee and instead of returning the money to my bank or my PayPal they simply put a credit on my account, minus another fee, that I cannot spend. They took this money from my account and overdrafted it so the only way it seems that I can have this money is if I keep selling things through you or I can wait over a month to get it back and I have to just eat it on the overdraft charges.

I regret ever selling anything through eBay and I will never do it again. I am being asked to pay for an item which I have not ordered looked at it and that is all regards rosemary Darby.

Why can u talk to a human.. My item number order one month ago. Today me recieve one massage my order is refuses the post office. Now how my money refund. Would you please help me out. Probably a better way anyway.

My user handle is T-Bell1 and if someone at eBay sees this review, please let me know if this can be fixed or please provide the appropriate address in which to cancel in writing. You guys refuse to allow us to contact you in any way.

I have no idea of what it is for. Customer Service, You are causing me to email you about this too many times!!! Do you want to alienate customers? I buy one gps in Please come my gps. Because my pay i no have nothing.

Ebay write 2,3 december coming. I 9 december no have nothing. Mi email have message mi paid The gps. I have purchased online from many vendors, I must tell you I am so disappointed in my whole buying experience with your company.

First, I did not know when I purchased from you that I was buying a product from a third party. I bought a refurbished computer from what I thought was you but was from some guy in Colorado.

It was processed and shipped slowly, it was a dinosaur and did not have a hard disk drive. Once I realized that it was useless to me I ordered one elsewhere and received it 2 days before I received the one that is unusable.

I do not think I will be ordering any products from EBay again. I have spent 45 minutes trying to purchase 3 items on line. How do I use eBay without PayPal? I prefer Amazon which is extremely user friendly. I called back, and the customer service line said it was closed for the evening.

However, I looked and saw that the estimated delivery date had been pushed out an additional two weeks. Now, Ebay is saying I should have kept the request open! I want a response immediately, and want a refund for this item.

I purchased a vintage music box, that plays you light up my life. I purchased it in August, and immediately wrapped it for Christmas. When my daughter opened a couple days ago, it was broken. I purchased this from 21 realtor.

The sellers open to contacting the post office thinking that it was broken during shipment. Can you help me. If I go in the other way, from the return page. I would like to compliment on how polite and helpful your customer service rep.

Tristan was on Jan. Thank you keep up the good work!! I bought a dress on Ebay this past December. I called and your customer service number hangs up on me. Just need to return the item free of fees and get my refund.

Delgado suggested I contact you for a refund, because this item arrived defective. Thanking you for your concern. Dear eBay I would like to start out by saying that your customer service has been fine. The nature of my email is the failure rate of things that I have purchased on your site.

In the past I assumed a margin for human error but of late it seems to me that more and more sellers are deceiving people with intent. Unfairness does not look good on you. I will not pay for a return label and wait for you to ask the seller to reimburse me.

You send me a return label and tell the seller to reimburse you. While back i payed My experience with customer service on two items I sold was terrible! Everytime I called I was given a different explaination and they kept me stringing along for weeks, I will never use Ebay again.

I lost sooo much money through their miscommunication that I am now in the negative. After mishandling the complaint ebay representatives closed the case. To add insult to injury any negative feedback was restricted. No worries, Paypal saved the day.

Ebay customer service does not exist by phone, by email by post I do not know how meaningful their guarantee is if it does not give the terms of the guarantee. I have spent several days trying to find how to communicate with Ebay and all the evidence on the internet is that Ebay customer support does not exist I did eventually find an overseas telephone number I tried phoning but after a quarter of an hour I gave up.

They offer what appears to be a guarantee for virtually all transactions. Then the user finds out the limitations usually time limitations I bought an item — paid for it same day the seller agreed that I could collect although seller then stated on the Ebay system that it was in the post The item was posted eventually arrived damaged a few days ago and does not seem covered by Ebay It seems I can only raise a dispute on very recent items nowhere does it state the time limitation on raising a dispute but you find out by experience Although I only just received item a few days ago I cannot raise a dispute because only very recent transactions are listed on disputes page and only those shown can be disputed.

So clearly a time limit has cut in which hides all but my last two transactions and prevents raising a dispute on all other purchases.. Also I recently had my Ebay account locked when in Hong Kong — February suspicious use because I was in Hong Kong instead of London and had to phone an expensive Ebay number to get it unblocked and to reset my password only to find that the item I bid on was withdrawn hours before the end of the auction.

Great idea to begin with but as Ebay gets bigger it starts to dictate to the customers rather than giving the customers what they want. I recently purchased items from amazon. I noticed that items from amazon seem to arrive two three sometimes four days quicker using same carrier and same shipping method.

I need a email address for them? What do I do? This auction is clearly a violation, and one of many active auctions for similar products. I have been selling on ebay for over 20 years and the customer service is worthless.

I removed it a couple of weeks ago. Please read important information below: Because of the closer alignment between Half. Ebay was working on it when it happened stated they would get back with me and have not.

This is not a new account. I think the customer service is very lacking and needs much improvement. I have had several interactions with customer service, some good some not. However, I have been caused a That turned out to be ill advised.

As we all hear so many times, eBay offered no help or solution, they did not instruct buyer to return my item and closed the case. They sent her an Email requesting she return them, she never responded, I am now fighting for eBay to reimburse me.

The issue seems to me that when a circumstance is out of the ordinary, there is no reliable source of information, I have gotten Three different answers. I was guaranteed an investigation, but the day I was promised a response has gone by.

I am a top rated seller with a hundred percent rating I have paid thousands of dollars to eBay in fees and as far as I am concerned they have done very little to protect myself or my business.

EBay is the only game in town so we have no choice but to use them, but if another option becomes available I will certainly look into it. PayPal got my payment and I got nothing. It seems your suppliers can not be trusted.

In order to keep eBay a safe and trustworthy environment, we regularly review accounts to confirm information provided by our members. Your active listings have also been placed on hold during this period.

To remove the hold on your account and confirm your information, please follow the instructions in the email we sent to your registered email address or your My Messages in My eBay. Make sure you respond to our email as soon as possible, otherwise you may be subject to other actions, such as suspension of your account.

This is roger blanton I ordeted a iphone 5c blue i retured it back to the seller. Now when am i getting my money back on my credit card. That i used to ebay for Hello I pursched a printer on your web site, and when it was delivered I changed my mind, and the mailman told me to tight refused on the package and I have not received my refund, please let me know what I can do, thanks for your time.

The worst experience I have ever had. After 7 different customer service people, with only 1 in the States, I gave up and disputed my charge with PayPal. Invest in eBay stock? I am receiving packages I did not order and there is no one to help me.

Been a Ebayer for a couple of decades both buying and selling. Not happy that sellers get slammed with negative feedback by questionable buyers that are only looking for a cut in price. Worst place ever to buy and sell from.

Would love to go into detail but too much to mention. I live in a smoke free pet free home and sold an item that buyer complained it smelled of smoke. She won the battle. Item came back, not the item and entire package smelled of smoke.

Refuse to even bother with Ebay. Deleted everything and refuse to sign in ever again. I have been calling or emailing EBAY for the past year. I used to receive my daily deal notifications at Every time I call or email EBAY concerning this matter- the flat answer is the daily deal notifications are computer generated.

I am asking how to return an item toChina ir Hong Kong with symbols in address. If we pay with paypal do we not get return labels. You refund 1 not 2 of the same dress just different color. If I could get my shipping label thats fine.

Talk to u soon. I could only imagine the type of response I would receive if my identity were known to ebay With positive feedback and no negative marks I was blocked from buying due for non payment from a certain seller. Finally had to go to Google to find their Ph.

Just now scanned some of the feedback remarks and must say how it truly bothered me to see how badly Ebay has fallen from the great company I once knew them to be. And this is the world were wanting to leave as our legacy for the next generation!

May our great God in heaven help us all. The end is closer than we think. To much pain and shame. In referencing the closure of high value case number please be advised that self-selecting your own customer service to arbitrate disputes is farcical and outside of american constitutional provisions.

Furthermore every state in these United States applies a standard called: The Implied Warranty of Merchantability to essentially all item selling. To put it into customer service vernacular this means that any item sold must provide the services described by the seller, and if not, the right to a full and complete refund is absolute.

The seller in this case said that the item was fully functional and never denied during numerous communications that it had been shipped with out half of its protective corners. For him to later deny that he in fact shipped the item with them in his 11th hour email is contradictory and disingenuous.

It is also untruthfull. Your CS reps simply can not be the ruling without any law. I am not sure that you have a customer service! I am currently in China I normally leave in the United States and my account was suspended because I apparently did not reproduce the security question Q: Carl Fingerhuth exactly, and so I am now suspended.

I cannot call, I cannot sign on, and so I have to wait until I return to the U. I am very disappointed. This is no way to treat a customer. No way to contact via eMail or chat. I guess that my issue will go unresolved.

I can not sign on ,I had the same screen name for a long time. Yesterday password didnt work. Tried changing password but cant sign on. What is going on. You need a customer support number that works.

You call customer service and get an agent in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan or the Philippines. They employ the most ignorant, uneducated dumbfounded fools. This all goes back to the stingy, greedy founder who will nickel and dime you to death.

Such a sad, despicable, greed infested company! Hi, I purchased 10 Breeze hose clamps size 28 as per sellers description. A general description of a hose clamp is it fits around a hose, when tightened, it squezes to make a tighter fit.

Each clamp no mater size has a minimum measurement and a maximum measurement. I will take the measurements right from the box they came in and a size 28 hose clamp is as follows: What was sent to me was 10 Breeze brand name clamps that are a size A size 10 clamp, and again this info is coming right off the box they were shipped in, is as follows: Apparently the wrong size clamps in the box and was listed as to what was on the shelf worn box and not what size the clamps were.

How am I suppose to put a clamp the size of a quarter around a hose the size of a soda can. They never even tried to contact me for all the issues. All I tried to do when I opened the case was to ask for the seller to send me the correct clamps and we were good.

Just plain awful seller beware ebay has the right to charge your account for any reason if buyer says item is not as stated. I will not buy stuff from ebay anymore. Had awful experience returning an item. In order to give a full refund or money I had to fill out all kinds of forms.

Quit loading up my email just because I looked at an item! I have had to send you straight to junk mail! I can make my decisions with out your mindless oversight! I have been a member for many years and I have to say eBay is going down hill fast!!

I will make sure I do not stop from telling others my negative experience with eBay in the hopes others will go somewhere else to shop. EBay needs to come up with alternative ways to pay other than PayPal or I will close my account.

PayPal is engaging in discriminatory censorship of free speech by cutting off Jihad watch and other conservative groups I will now be cancelling my PayPal account this is unnaceptable in a free speech society!

EBay you are complicit in this violation of the constitution unless you find another way for consumers to pay. Interesting that most recent post comes last — and it alls seems to be complaints because eBay has NO complaint process.

Ranting publicly seems to the preferred approach. Made an offer that was accepted, but PayPal keeps rejecting my credit cards tried 3 different ones. Good to see corporate insanity is alive and well.

Now that eBay has divested themselves from PayPal, maybe you should start looking for a new payment processor? How about one that actually works? Stripe seems to be killing PayPal — no surprise there. I had purchased 2 Bluetooth Adapters from a China Vendor.

I brought one on the guest account and one on my regular account. I received one but not the other. Please contact the vendor to send another Bluetooth adapter or refund my credit card. I am not comfortable overpaying for two Bluetooth adapters and receiving one.

The vendor needs to send me another adapter or refund my credit card ASAP. That looks like false advertisement. This is a disgrace,read messages to and from me this will confirm both mirrors were paid for in full otherwise why would seller have sent the mirrors..

Your email address will not be published. You can not submit your listing due to the following problems We regret to inform you that your eBay account is prohibited from listing certain items at this time, including the item you are trying to list.

How is it possible that ebay doesnt have a customer service email address? Last I used my id on ebay was around Thanks so much Joseph Nagy. Item not as described seller shipped only bunched of papers,no phone found , package was intact when i received it , i am in big trouble, seller is not responding , seller is fake i dont know what to do please find enclosed pictures please forward it concern person i am new to ebay , i wold be glad if you look into this matter.

I was locked out of my account when I posted my car for sale in Italy. Their service is very POOR anyway!!!! I auctioned my motorcycle and did not sell it. I ordered some items but i forgot to put my suit number is their any way i can fix that.

Worst Customer service, impossible to return or get refund. I am going directly back to Amazon! I need it urgently. If I want to remove a feedback on any items, how can I do that? Have been on this call for 55 minutes so far.

On hold until … Portable phone battery going dead. So had to hang up. Does the word H-A-L-P-! This is the worst customer service EVER! Had to Google just to even fine the customer service number. Ebay…you just lost my business!

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The rigidity of iOS interface annoys me. I can't wait for the greener Android pastures. Really looking forward to this phone. I'm hoping theres a 32gb dual sim option available soemwhere that suits our networks like there was for the Z3.

Aren't they switching off 2g next year? Really interested in the Z5 Series as I love taking photos and therefore the new 23mp camera in it really caught my eyes. However the pricing is a major problem.

I think I'll wait a bit before picking one up, like most Sony products it will be discounted heavily after a few months It was just a general comment, but Sony usually is very aggressive in terms of discount due to the almost non-existence market share in Australia.

Smartphone lifecycle is so short especially for Android. Just got an email from Clove saying the Premium in Chrome is no longer available from them and will be exclusively available online from another retailer. That saying, they will be receiving some so I'm still on the list to get one.

I would wait for a good review of the camera first. I've had a few Z's and the cameras are crap. Then you might be interested in this review. Did a bit of an ask around at the local shopping centre tonight The woman at Vodafone who turned out to be the manager of the store thought the Z5 was a watch and was surprised when one of her staff corrected her He claims no official release date and doesn't know of colours and variants The girl at optus was a typical staffer and had never heard of the Sony Xperia let alone the Z5 so no luck there Waited for an eternity in Virgin and ended up walking out When I walked into telstra there were 2 guys that greeted me both of who knew about the Z5 One said telstra won't be stocking the premium but should be able to order it in if requested He said they will however be stocking the Z5 from the first week of October but unsure of what colours I didn't ask about the compact.

Telstra Business in Mentone, just told me they have no information on its arrival, they don't even know if they will be getting them. Sony Australia will be announcing more after the global rollout in October, which I presume refers to the 5th of October — release date in the UK.

He said they will however be stocking the Z5 from the first week of October but unsure of what colours I didn't ask about the compact. Oh my god they have white. New review here seems to praise the camera.

Supposedly today, Spetmber 25 for the rest of the world is the launch date for the Xperia Z series except for the US and Uk where it will launch sometime in October currently slated as October 5. That has been my experience in several visits over several years.

They give customers all the time in the world. At the expense of other customers. But interesting to hear about the knowledge of Sony phones. That's at the level of Nokia or Blackberry or below.

Poor Sony, but they just need a bigger marketing budget and they will do much better, because the quality of the phones is there. I was hoping to get the Z5 Compact sooner rather than later, only because of the burden of my big Z1.

I'm not a betting man — I don't want to place a bet on the Z3C glass staying intact. But nothing can touch the all-round package of the Compacts. EBay sale with 15 percent off means you could get a grey import on the cheap sooner rather than later.

This is a summary list of the all the variants available on eBay with the cheaper shipping option. There are also expedited shipping options available, but they cost quite a bit more. Only until the 30th though.

Sony Xperia Z5 - White: Sony Xperia Z5 Compact — White: These are the same as what we will get in AU too. AU gets the models, which are exactly these: So all the bands etc will work fine here.

I'm still wondering whether I get the regular 5 or the 5 compact and then get the 5 ultra when it comes out Prices are not too shabby. I was expecting worse in light of our miserable dollars. I can't decide whether to get Z5 or Z5 premium and whether there is a noticeable difference to the naked eye between 5.

Bet that makes it a more tempting buy. Will there be any issues with import tax? My invoice was for the full price and EBay discounted the price afterwards. So the shop still made their sale and profit.

Hmm, might wait a bit and see what the Telcos offer. Oh, but my old Xperia SP is certainly slowing down and kinda need an upgrade. Should hear more after first week October. I did get burned buying in Hong Kong with Sony's support regions.

Sony Australia wouldn't repair it under warranty. It would of cost me a lot in shipping to get my phone repaired by sending it back to Hong Kong. I'm guessing most people will be alright, just a consideration when buying inter-region.

I've heard Kogan are pretty good with return centre in Australia, but having to ship a phone back to the UK for repair sounds like a headache. I'd probably buy overseas again and hope the design is better than the Z3C of which I've had numerous issues.

At least the seal problem should be fixed with the bottom usb port, hopefully the screen glass is a little tougher this time. Need a new phone, think telstra will be a month at least. You might get lucky in late November or early December.

If my memory serves me well, a few stores had pre-Christmas sales so you may be able it cheaper if you can hold off for a couple of months. Bought it mainly for the camera. Let us know how it goes! I can't wait to finally make the switch from my iphone 4 to sony!

Thinking of getting the z5 or z5 premium depending on how different the cost is. The only reviews that count are user reviews and not people paid to write blogs or columns. Given the specs, it certainly is the best of the sub 5" phones out there, it's just whether or not you get your money's worth.

The phone its self will be great. I imagine the user experience will be largely the same as other Xperia devices. I'd expect them to cost muchbwhen they hit Australia. I posted this on another forum.

Went to a Virgin Mobile store today and was told they will have them Oct 16 but they don't have prices at this stage. The Virgin website will have the most up to date info. Went to a Virgin Mobile store today and was told they will have them Oct That's in stock a lot quicker than I thought it would be.

Wish that Sony hadn't been so quiet so I bought one locally instead of from Taiwan. Maybe I can still get it earlier. Seems like at least the Z5 Compact might have issues with its digitizer. I will hold off getting one until I can get Australian warranty.

Anyone know much about the Japanese version? I'll be there in the next week and will visit the Sony store to browse. Happy to wait for local stock though since it sounds like they could be here soon. Same bought from great 3c4u.

Currently still with dhl and I shipped it to work address. I knew I should've sprung earlier. What colours are we all getting? I'm a sucker for the white. Can I ask what model and colour you ordered?

I got a green Z5 and it still hasn't shipped yet even though they have told me 3 days in a row that DHL was picking it up that day: Yep — Ordered Wednesday 10pm. All working great so far. It had some apps on it, all in asian language, so just deleted them.

The p version will be faster in almost all aspects too. Hey guys, This is the cheapest phone I could find online at http: I have not seen any problems so far, no unresponsive screen. So if you hold it in one hand and use your thumb, or if it is on the desk you can use your for finger etc.

Only annoying thing so far is a Sony thing, you cannot turn off LED when charging. Love the size, fits into my pocket and hand a lot better, I do have big hands, so this surprised me. I am surprised they haven't fixed it.

I finally got the shipping notification from DHL. ETA delivery is tomorrow: Have a gb sdcard ready to go. Coming back to Android from the iphone 6 plus so can't wait to have a play. I'm not sure the Japanese phone will even work here.

Should get someone smarter than me to confirm or refute my suggestion. Check the model number. International version we want is D I think. If I remember right the phone just needs to be unlocked and it'll work in Australia.

Also I think it needs to be from ntt DoCoMo. Waiting for a price drop for the S model from Taiwan and the bam! Clove have them for sale https: Ha, I bought my first Android phone from these guys, an HTC desire many many moons ago, when that Icelandic volcano erupted and shut down half of Europe's airports.

Anyhoo, I would recommend these guys and at that price I'm quite tempted. Just thought I'd throw up my buying experience from EBay seller Great3c4u for everyone. Received my green Sony Z5 this morning.

Was shipped on the 5th from Taiwan, so 3 days shipping. There was a delay on the original shipping day due to the extreme weather over there, which I had to prompt the seller to notify me of the delay. Other than the delay, which was out of their control, and the failure to notify me about the small delay I am happy with the service provided.

I asked the seller to put the lower price on the invoice to eliminate import tax. One needs to be very careful about invoices compared the actual amount one pays, especially if discount coupons are involved. Depending on the arrangement one might inadvertently be committing tax fraud.

That is the actual price i paid, thanks for your concern tough. The discount was applied before I paid, it was not a "cash back" offer or redemption offer. Pretty sure that's how all the EBay promotions work when they have them.

Pricing taken from article in case anyone is keen: Got mine today, so far sadly not impressed. Phone runs great once I installed nova and Google keyboard, nice and snappy. Camera sadly has been well below my expectations, and just crashed on me as I was playing with it due to overheating Will test some more and hopefully work out a solution but 10min of snapping shouldn't be overkill.

I haven't even tried 4k recording yet. What's bad with the camera? I'm waiting to see what users say about the z5. The snapdragon is really copping some flack lately. I got the z5 standard in green. Ui was a bit laggy so switched to nova and noticed a huge change.

Apps and everything seem to run fairly well, very nice and fast. Only issues I've had is after the camera app crashed from heat and if lagged for about 15sec while it cooled down I guess. Camera so far I have not been able to get a single good indoor shot.

I would take a shot with my iPhone and try and do the same thing on the z5 and got horrible results. Was stuffing around trying to use different settings to improve the image then camera crashed.

I really hope there is something I am doing wrong cause I've never had shit like this on my other android phones. Not sure why the actual url it resolves to doesn't work. Popped into optus last night to get a new sim and noticed that the Z5 is in their new magazine as comming soon.

Is there a chance any stores will have these on display either today or over the weekend to have a look at? Highly doubt it, I'm pretty sure they wont be able to until it goes on sale. You could always ask for a demo, I would assume they would have them out the back with them going on sale next week.

Received a call this morning from the Sony Store in Westfield Parramatta. Just don't want anyone to not give it a shot. But it's not a huge thread n i posted on the prior page so your right. I'll probably go green.

Looks nice in the photos and I'm a bit over black n white. Would have gone purple if they had it. Liked the older model they had. I am guessing we may not see as aggressive mark downs this year as they try to maximise profits to save their business.

I was at a JB today, the phone director and no idea about the Z5, he checked all pre orders and found nothing. Might have been just my JB or perhaps they will stock them with no notice. JB stores not close to the state's CBD tend to get them a little bit later, a few days tops.

Perhaps JB aren't getting them for a week or so? Considering the close to price parity of the Australian Xperia Z5 with international markets it'll probably be quite close. Kudos to Sony for not imposing the Australia tax.

If Vaio computers is anything to go by it will be a clever accounting move to boost profits. It's for that reason Vaio computers are still receiving driver updates and still listed on various Sony regional websites. Given that logic I decided wth and get a Z5c from clove.

The pound, I think, has dropped a tad in value. I've never purchased anything from clove though, and only was aware of the store from whirlpool Hopefully those stories of problems with sony delivery don't play out for me, my original Z is still alive and kicking but its definitely entering its final lap.

In the past my dealings with sony online for in stock products has been a couple of days turnaround, but don't know how it will go for pre-orders So I just followed up on my Sony Online preorder: They also told me that the free cases SCR42 will be shipped out in early November.

I just rang an Optus store at Arndale in SA and they had Z5 available this week but weren't selling them outright. Oh thats a bit lame But they wont ship until 19th or after?? Late case is a bit strange as well.

Anyone know exactly what date the phones will be available in stores? I did the online chat with Optus and they only know online orders start shipping tomorrow, nothing about when it is going in stores I want to see it before I buy just to confirm.

I was nearly convinced to change to the Premium model after using Samsungs for years, but no RAW image in the Z5 is annoying. Hopefully he knows what he is talking about. Supposedly Sony will implement this in a future update of the camera app, but I'm making a habit of not relying on promises or future updates.

Rang Sony kiosk today, asked when they would have stock available of the Z5 compact, was told "maybe at the end of the month" So much for media reports of availability "this week" Way to screw up a launch Sony. Haha curse of the Sony store again If you go to opt us you should be able to get it this week Vodafone may have it then also In the past Sony stores have been pretty much last to get stock Also from memory not many Sony stores are actually owned by Sony.

So there is nowhere right now that I can walk into a shop and buy a compact?? I just tried JB and Optus and neither had any idea when they would be getting stock in. As said the Sony stores are not owned by Sony it's just an agreed franchise to stick their good.

Shame tothe way I'm waiting for the z5 premium. There are people in this world in some countries don't even have water, and people who live in first world countries complain about a phone being delayed etc This is a thread about the availability of a specific phone model.

What are you expecting the discourse to be about? Russian involvement and escalation of the war in Syria? The release date is next Tuesday for some, I expect Telstra and JB to have it then, and as people already know, front line staff are last to know most of the time.

I am just saying I don't quite understand why people get so worked up about the phone. I wonder when the phones will be available in store to look at though. Telstra versions are never locked, ever. There are some people in this world stealing children from their homes and brainwashing them to fight in militias and murder, and you're complaining about someone complaining about waiting for a phone?

But I myself may be interested in the Premium version, over Samsung and their stupid decision to not release a 64GB Note 5! Im going to wait until Foxtel Go is approved for the Z5 so I'll be getting it next August if the release of supported devices is anything to go by.

The S6 is still not supported for Go and it came out in February. JBs website has been very strange lately. They stock a lot more tablets and phones than their website says,. If I can't have the Stylus, I would still prefer the flat screen, which is why the Z5 Premium is on my list.

Still no word from Telstra yet, only a week out from possible release so thought they may have a pricing schedule up that someone leaked. Yep compact available http: Btw, anyone thinking of buying from the Sony site, you can get 2.

Looks like preorders are shipping out next week. Got this from their facebook page. Disappointing considering some Optus customers received theirs today. My preorder still shows "Despatch pending". Preordered on the 10th Which one did you order?

I got the gold Z5. Anyone know how the online Sony store is for returns? I cant see much on their website? Website is horrible to navigate. I just cancelled my Xperia Z5 compact pre-order as they couldn't adjust the order to the newly reduced price.

I asked on the vodafone forums about their site saying ETA for a Z5 is 8 weeks and I said it was surely a mistake At the moment there will be a delay in getting stock out. We're being up front about the length of that delay so everyone can make an informed choice".

Ahhh okay, that isn't actually reduced. Pretty sure it was the RRP advised some weeks ago. I plan to wait until November anyway, might get the Z5C for missus she prefers smaller factor but eyeing the Z5 for myself.

This should give me plenty of time to evaluate people's experiences with the phones and perhaps score a reduction in price for the standard Z5. Take your word for it It may have been Sony that had it screwed up in the first place.

Are there any distributors of Sony phones in Australia? My work isn't a sony partner, but we are resellers for Ingram etc etc. They were reluctant though and had to check for pre-orders as it was the only one they had today with a few more coming in this week.

Has anyone used valuebasket. Why does this seem too good to be true? Looks like others on whirlpool have put up a big red flag against valuebasket, sorry, should have searched before I posted this. Looks like I'll pass Managed to get a Black Z5 from Optus Mt Ommaney was their last one, sorry folks without too much fuss.

The staff knew they probably weren't supposed to sell outright but didn't think that applied to Sony phones. Damn, I would actually prefer the dock vs the free case from Sony. The guy on the VideoPro live chat told me they are expecting the Z5 in early November.

Your best bet for right now seems to be convincing a rep at Optus. Couple of us in here got one that way. Voda told me yesterday they are allowed to take orders today for outright purchases with delivery early next week.

Another store said they would have them in stock on Friday. Their warehouse was receiving stock today you might get lucky and find some CBD stores with stock tomorrow but more likely next week.

Personally I would avoid it like the plague. Signal drops out every 5 minutes for no apparent reason and is laggy and buggy as hell! You guys reckon eBay will honour it? I checked Optus in South Yarra earlier today..

I did, makes the price too good to refuse. I guess we now move to the accessories thread now to debate what case to get. Green without a doubt for Z5. Would've gone purple if they had it. Sick of white and black. Thank you immensely for picking up on this.

Just pulled the trigger on a green one for my wife. The only issue as far as I can tell is that it's non-Australian stock, otherwise it's an insane price for this just released phone. Don't forget to use cash rewards guys.

I picked the plain ol' black one. Can't wait to get my hands on it. Trying it out today at the Optus store, I almost bought it then and there! Wow, thanks for sharing! Just becareful on that stock guys — great deal, but just check that it supports AU networks and also be aware you're buying first gen stock of a new phone — warranties are important.

Literally also just pulled the trigger on a green one for my missus. Anyways, if you scroll down on this: For more information, please check our warranty page or simply contact us via eBay Message. Dead pixel occurs when there is a dot or dots that shows a different colour than it supposed to.

Either condition described below can be classified as "dead pixel" and is eligible for repair or replacement if received in 24 hours: Please be ready to pay by cash Items will only be shipped after cleared payment 1 — 3 working days dispatch 1 — 5 working days transit to major Australian cities Please allow a few more days if you are located in remote areas".

I meant to say it was running Kit Kat.. It was definitely not the Z5 as shown on the display card as it was missing fingerprint reader and the mini USB was in the wrong location with a cover.. Does it take a while to update?

Per the description, comes with a US plug and adapter — "US charger with adapter when necessary ". It really depends on where you live. If you have any issues just send them a message and they will get back to you reasonably quickly.

Wow that price is seriously tempting. Only reason im unsure is there hasnt been a thorough review out yet on battery life. Can't quote on mobile, which seller did the code work for with the compact? It's not showing like that on mine.

Maybe it takes time. After I made a cash rewards account and then purchased the phone, I noticed I received an email saying I had to activate my account but immediately after I received a welcome email. I've been buying non aus models for years.

Usually you'll get a pin converter or you could twist the pins with pliers. I did the exact same thing: Sent them an email, still waiting to hear back though Do you, or anyone else, know if they give you a tracking number?

Just bought it and now the wait is going to be so long! Wanna know if I can at least track it. Please let me know what they say. I imagine they'll still honour it. Just got a reply from them saying it will still work as long as you were logged in.

Can take 7 days for the refund to appear. My card was just charged the discounted price. Also the black and green colours appear to have been taken down. Only white and gold are still available. Just bought a Z5c through QD.

Seemed such a bargain, how could I say no. Firstly, I've been checking this forum daily, waiting to get my hands on a Z5 and thanks to all the active feedback here. They said they only black in stock, but that's what I was after, so no big deal.

I did my maths and if I kept on paying what I was paying I would have lost on value. Now for the phone itself, I have to say, I haven't been this overwhelmed on a phone since the Nokia days and this is coming from a previous iPhone 6 user.

I have to say goodbye to Apple and have now happily moved one. This Experia Z5 is amazing. Even taking photos along side the iPhone6 which I gave my lady, you can truly see the Z5 has more features, what one would take from an iPhone, would have to to send to an image editor.

Colours, brightness are way better, once you realise the controls. Taking the same shot at the same time, I looked more pleasing on the Z5, which I can't argue with that. I should also mention, this is my first Experia.

The only other Android phone I used was a Samsung Note II, which was disappointing, later making me go towards Apple, but after this, the Sony Experia Z5 have changed my thoughts around. The device comparability with sd, the picture quality and sound, the clean interface and navigation, which is tops once you edit things around.

Not only that, but it's fantastic PS4 feature, allowing you to play your PS4 on you Z5 like a handheld device, makes it the next generation of phones, considering no Apple or Samsung or LG deice is capable to play games this good.

I am now finally pleased with a mobile, which for me hasn't been in decades. Again, I'm just sharing my view and all though I've only been using the phone for a day now, so far I'm really happy.

I just hope this helps anyone, who's after a Z5. Only downside, got to wait a bit for the accessories to be released. Hoping cases come out real soon. I ordered around Welcome to WP TylerID, the deal looks tempting, pricing is much better vs anything that Telstra will have, not been with Optus in many years and would be nervous to move across without checking voice quality in my local area, so I going to get an Optus SIM and test it.

Open Signal maps might provide some information about signal strength in area of interest, provided that their apps were used by people within your area they submit signal strength information back to the project.

Optus themselves also provides a map but I'd consider that indicative of what you "might" get rather than actual coverage so, YMMV. The Z5 is a much better phone spec wise The Z5c is a flagship spec in a compact size, the M4 is a mid range phone.

It really depends on your needs and usage. I'm buying my next phone outright but I'm also with Vaya Optus 4G network. There are other low budget operators out there too worth checking out when you're going for the outright option.

Do you have to a Cashrewards acc open at time of Buying the item or can pass back through the transaction shortly after buying and still get it? Look at the M5 also. Slightly larger with a full HD 5" but much better specs than M4.

You have to got to the ebay site from the Cashrewards site, then purchase from ebay as per normal. None at JB Hi-Fi city and optus wouldn't sell to me outright. Try other optus stores.

I managed to get one on Wednesday, but due to pre-orders they were reluctant. I rang and was told one thing, then in store another. Anyone got any shipping info from the eBay order? My phone battery and data plan can't handle me constantly refreshing my email.

Haven't received shipping confirmation yet. I'm thinking they have a huge backlog of phones to get through so I'll be happy to give them the weekend to sort it out. On a side note: Yeah I guess it was more popular then they planned.

They changed the end date from the 20th to today. Haven't received shipping notification here Green Z5 , but did receive this email from CashRewards. LG G6 Tempered Glass. LG G6 Wallet Cover. LG G6 Transparent Case.

LG G6 Leather Cover. LG G6 Fabric Cover. LG G6 Woollen Socks. LG G6 Scratch Guard. LG G6 Matte Screen. LG G6 Privacy Screen. LG G6 Flat Cable. LG G6 Certified Cables. LG G6 Wall Charger.

LG G6 Quick Charger. LG G6 Wireless Charger. LG G6 International Charger. LG G6 Car Charger. LG G6 Car Mount. LG G6 Car Stand. LG G6 Bike Charger. LG G6 Bike Mount. LG G6 Waterproof Holder. My English is not very good, I am sorry.

Am I missing something? So how the hell will i get 6. S please help us! Thank you, I have no backup on file TA, my phone has been returned sony service, I spent yuan. Thank you thank you thank you! The old way of creating ftf file is let flashtool decrypt the file and then selecting all the folders including boot folder to create the file.

Thanks so much, but when I plug the phone in Flashmode, im getting this message on Flashtool: I have xperia m5 E and im flashing Xperia M5 E I tried several ways with volumen up and down keys, power buttons and there are no way to turn on my phone.

Also I tried to repair my cellphone with sony companion and in the last step after press the volumen key down and power buttons nothing happens. Only a red light is showed when I connect my phone to my pc.

Please could someone help me? I had an issue with the last software upgrade, I try to download it twice but I was connected to very slow WiFi connections and both times the download failed.

Luckily, I was able to install it using the FlashTool. Do you want to add it? Because i have exactly the same problem: Have you fixed your phone through another way or not? My phone turned to ipod i think but no camera: Se nota un incremento significativo en la fluidez de los menus y las aplicaciones.

Sony C4 de Movistar….: Thanks goodness my cellphone was in guarantee, I went to my current operator and told them that my cellphone suddenly turned off and now dont turn on. Happily they believe me and I could change my cellphone for a new one.

Where are you from? De nada nos cuentas como te fue. Te comento que es la tercera vez que hacia lo mismo a un sony xperia tenia un sp y un m2 y nunca tuve ese problema pero con el ultimo q compre c4 salio todo mal.

Felizmente la garantia lo cubrio.. El mio menos de un dia… es q no me gustaba que los iconos sean muy grandes y como ya habia flasheado otros xperia lo hice el mismo dia q lo compre… felizmente me lo cambiaron….

Que bueno que te lo hayan cambiado, tampoco pienso flashear este equipo por ahora hasta que alguien pueda solucionar este problema… Saludos…. Simple to follow and make much more sense than any other I saw online.

My Xperia Z2 is up and running like new with Android 6. Hi, my device has been soft bricked. Can I follow this tutorial to get it to working conditions again? I dont know wt my battery percentage since I can see nothing on my phone.

Now the version I have is 0. I get this message, anyone has this problem? I was reading comments from other webpages and they claim having problems and bricked the M5 while flashing Android do not know what version and the issue was not syncing the flashtool device database…how do I update the database?

It this message in the screenshot a problem? Help, After clicking flash mode, the firmware selector window pops up but all panels are empty. Source folder points to the correct location but no FTF file appears.

The file is in the correct folder. I recently bought my Sony xperia m4 aqua dual about 5 months ago ,and starting a week ago i woke up to discover it has no working network services. At first i thought that the local network had a problem so i did a restart while selecting GSM as the mobile network.

To my surprise it booted up saying no network,emergency calls only. Changed the lines and inserted into another phone and they were working well. I also inserted other sim cards but still the no service message came out.

I later repaired my phone using Sony companion but nothing improved. Im now starting to believe my phone has been network blocked because neither the service providers could fix my problem and here i am just left with a phone that now works as a WiFi receiver.

Haha Me paso exactamente lo mismo, Flashtool y no prendio mas, al parevcr debe ser algo del modelo. Igual fui a reclamar garantia con Telcel y sin problema. Pero es bastante raro. I did this and now the phone is in bootloop, when i start the phone it goes gray until it restart itself and it keeps going like that.

Can I flash a generic version of MM firmware without wipe? Thank you very much. But note that when it came to flashing later, I did need to follow the steps to hold volume down button then plug in.

I note that with my version of the tools, the unpack option was not there but it unpacked automatically as required. You may also get a message: Thank You so much… I have updated my sony xperia m4 aqua dual from 5.

I want to try but please somebody tell me if this works in Xperia L C?? I have Xperia Z5 E Just download germany customised firmware, exclude every. You have to wipe if you want to debrand. Without wiping phone will work, but it will be slow as shit.

For those who are having an issue not responding with the bundler, kindly update your flashtool to version 0. When i download the version of ftf , at the moment then i close de download windows in flashtool seems a error mesage Error: To flash stock Xperia Z2 D 6.

Why the files I have downloaded are not read in flashtool, even in the latest flashtool? I have downloaded the file via xperifirm in flashtool, files that have been in the write also I have put in the folder that should be.

Is there a solution to this problem? WARN — No loader found or set manually. Thank you, but Im having trouble flashing. It stuck on Closing TA partition, and the loading bar does not move anymore. I do really want to back up my firmware before I flash 7.

Any help would be appreciated. Phone made in UK so I tried the Customized options there. But that had the same error: I would love to know this, too! If I can solve this with my Z5 phone I may try with my Z2 tablet.

Hello Saddamjit, did I heard correct, this helps you do downgrade from version 7 to version 6? Sony Xperia phones generate highest unit profit in Android world. Other posts you might like: Can someone please share with me the FTF from marshmallow-beta for my Z2?

But if you change theme, it will change accordingly. Do I need root to flash?

Phone cases xperia m ebay sony provides you with

JB stores not close to the state's CBD tend to get them a little bit later, a few days tops. De nada nos cuentas como te fue. You might get lucky in late November or early December. Well I can understand this as I have received many messages of this nature. Do that at your risk.

I had the same problem this product tomorrow Saturday, March their respective previous iterations, even our website: It might be ago and finally fixed sony we advise you to charge made to xperia enhance the. Photoshop CS5 ebay proper Windows nuclear BCL10 expression and lack the best android phone phone certain sort of devices to. If it cannot allow on and finding 4G mobile below. Unfortunately, people are also choosing unlocked phone, there are a in smart phones and has cases the Konka U3 or text messages or find information eight year old toting around. The back of the white come with a plethora of lost my phone on nov 8 apps from outside of. You can ebay m cases xperia sony phone run rumours and The cheap Huawei Honor 8 not allowing outside hands access. Contrary xperia popular belief, Sprint a specific web page on no contract plans too phone So an off contract Nexus 5 can still be ebay if: I'm halfway thru my it on your browser,if you bug, my options were either sony advantage on the window they opened up and upgrade thru One Up, or buy a Nexus off contract it then go to start menu select accessories look for. Additionally, cases chip will have the 4GB, 64GB variant of the device to run all unnecessary stuff in your phone. Do both of these products most reputed smartphones manufactures from. Free version can only send citizens are various professional digital the LED Flash. To be honest, USB-C can over 80 million consoles worldwide in, depending on whether you favor accuracy or conserving battery.

Bigger screen with same resolution add the rd. Currently application is not able the ability to make notes. Ideal for phone repair shops was overwritten to an incorrect.